The Baker - 10s4p 18650 Samsung 25R -Single Flat Battery For Esk8 (Electric Skateboard)

The Baker - 10s4p 18650 Samsung 25R -Single Flat Battery For Esk8 (Electric Skateboard)

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Long Hidden is proud to offer The Baker - offering excellent value, reliability, and performance characteristics. This battery is 100% plug and play, and comes with everything you need to upgrade your electric skateboard. No soldering is required. You simply plug in this direct battery replacement, making it the easiest way to take your ride to the next level.

The Baker is assembled using only quality components. This battery is made using 40 Samsung 25R 18650 cells arranged in a single flat configuration. This is a great entry level battery to enhance your electric skateboard. It is a 10s4p - with 10 serial cells in 4 parallel banks.

Battery Specifications

# of Cells 40
Cell Type 18650 Samsung 25R
Voltage 36V
Capacity 10000mAh
Power 360Wh
Estimated Range* 14.4 to 24 miles (23.2 to 38.7 km)
* Range may vary depending on your board configuration. Estimates are calculated based on an average battery usage of 15 to 25 Wh per mile (9.3 to 15.5 Wh per km).

Battery Dimensions

Length Width Height
465mm (18.3in) 135mm (5.3in) 28mm (1.1in)

Items Included

  • 10s4p Battery
  • Bestech 10s Charge-Only BMS (Battery Management System)
  • LED Battery Level Indicator
  • AntiSpark On/Off Switch (Connected via 2-Pin JST)
  • XT90 Connector or XT60 Connector
  • Charge Port
  • Charger